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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are a sample of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) inquired by many experienced or new agents who wants to Get Started as a LUXE Advisor (travel agents) and don’t know where to start. These questions may seem trivial for others but we at our luxury travel agency realize that every question and inquiry you have may affect your experience and your business positively or negatively in your journey to become the best there is.

How is Trips & Ships Luxury Travel different?

When it comes to hosting programs, Trips & Ships Luxury Travel is in a league of its own. Our team of Independent Advisors spans across all fifty states, giving us a powerful advantage.

With such a diverse range of perspectives and knowledge, we’re able to collaborate and share information virtually to achieve mutual success and a community feeling

But what sets us truly apart is our commitment to education, training community and support.  With over 35+ years in the industry, we deliver on knowledge and how – to.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, Trips & Ships Luxury Travel  is the obvious choice.

So why wait? Join us today and discover the difference we can make for you.

What is a commission split?

In the world of sales, a commission split is a crucial aspect to consider when deciding on a job offer. Simply put, it refers to the percentage of a sales made by a travel advisor that they will actually receive as payment.

For instance, if the commission rate is 80% and a sale is made for $1000, the travel advisors payment would be $80 and the agency keeps $20.

It’s essential to carefully read and negotiate the commission split before accepting any job offers, as it can greatly impact your overall earnings. To make the most out of your sales job, it’s important to understand what a commission split is and how it can affect your financial goals.

Do you allow travel advisors to charge service fees?

In a world where everything comes with a price, it’s no wonder that some travel advisors are charging service fees. And let’s be bold here, they absolutely should. Planning a trip can be a daunting task, with countless options to choose from and complex itineraries to arrange. A skilled travel advisor can simplify this process and provide expert advice, saving you time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

By charging a service fee, they are compensating themselves for their time and expertise, ensuring that they can continue to provide top-notch service to their clients. Investing in a travel advisor is an investment in your own peace of mind, and the service fee is a small price to pay for the value they provide.

Do you offer back up support while I am traveling?
What type of marketing do you offer?
Do you offer help with collecting commissions from vendors or does the advisor?

Vendors send the commission within 30-45 days of the clients travel while others have to be tracked down and that is the responsibility of the travel advisors.  Our amazing commission tracking system will automatically generate invoices for you if tracking is neccesary.

Will I receive leads?

Starting an agency can be an exciting and daunting experience. If you want to make a difference and stand out from your competition, you need to reach a new audience. While your family, friends, and acquaintances are a great place to start, it won’t be long before you exhaust those leads.

The key to expanding your reach is lead generation. By targeting the right people, you can turn them into valuable clients. Whether it’s through social media, email marketing, or other forms of advertising, a well-rounded lead generation campaign is essential to growing your agency.  Our Agent Profiler Plus program generates leads through the power of

So don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try new approaches to reach the untapped audience you deserve.

Do you offer educational travel opportunities?

As a travel advisor, there is nothing more important than staying up-to-date with the latest trends, destinations, and experiences. And what better way to do so than by immersing yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the places you recommend to your clients? Educational travel opportunities offer just that. But not all agencies offer them.

At our agency, we believe that experiential learning is crucial to providing top-tier travel advice. That’s why we offer our travel advisors agency-exclusive educational trips, Luxury Travel University Fams and vendor invitations. We believe that in order to truly understand a destination, you must experience it firsthand. So come join us on our next educational adventure!

How to Qualify for an IATA Card

Are you looking to elevate your career in the travel industry? Then qualifying for an IATAN card may be the next step for you. This card allows professionals in the travel field to gain access to exclusive discounts and perks on travel products and services. But obtaining one isn’t an easy feat. It requires meeting strict eligibility requirements, such as being employed by a qualified travel supplier or agency, completing specialized training, and meeting minimum annual sales thresholds. With dedication, hard work, and a passion for the travel industry, you could be well on your way to qualifying for this coveted card and reaping the rewards it offers.

How do I qualify?

Be an owner, employee or an independent contractor of an IATAN accredited location. Be registered with IATAN. Devote a minimum of 20 hours per week to the business of selling travel. Earn a minimum of USD 5,000 in salary and/or commissions in the prior 12 months.

I'm new to the industry! Where do I start?

We suggest you start with our 10 week Luxury Travel University Luxury Travel Entrepreneur Jumpstart Program.

This course is all online and can be purchased at the LUXURY TRAVEL UNIVERSITY website.

Why Use a Host Agency?

Host agencies: Provide a competitive advantage!

Misconceptions about host agencies often lead people to believe that they’re simply middlemen between travel agencies and suppliers. But that’s just scratching the surface.

The truth is, host agencies are versatile enough to fill many roles. They can be your go-to for accounting, teaching, support, and marketing, so that agents can focus on what they do best – creating unforgettable travel experiences for their clients.


And don’t be fooled by the misconception that host agencies are only for beginners. Experienced agents can also thrive under the guidance of a quality host agency.


Delving into a career in the travel industry requires comprehensive knowledge and training. A skilled and knowledgeable host agency is a must-have asset that provides a solid foundation of various travel techniques, supplier information, and general business knowledge. In an ever-evolving industry, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, supplier products, and business strategies, and the best host agencies continuously offer new educational and professional development opportunities to ensure our LUXE advisors are equipped with the necessary tools to thrive.


Unlocking the full potential of a career in the travel industry requires more than just a passion for exploration. Savvy agents know that a comprehensive education and practical training are essential for success, and that’s where a top-tier host agency comes in. With a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and training opportunities, the best host agencies ensure their agents are always at the forefront of the latest travel trends, product offerings, and business practices. Whether it’s learning about the perfect supplier for a dream destination or developing a killer marketing strategy, advisors can trust that Trips & Ships Luxury Travel as their host agency has their back when it comes to education and professional development.


Starting a travel agency can be an exciting venture, but meeting industry standards can become a hurdle. Acquiring CLIA and IATA credentials can take years and a significant investment, which may not be feasible for many entrepreneurs. However, partnering with a host agency can provide a solution. By joining forces, travel agents can gain immediate access to established credentials and an Errors & Omissions insurance policy, allowing for low start-up costs without compromising legitimacy. This way, they can confidently book travel and focus on growing their business.


So whether you’re new to the travel industry or a seasoned pro, don’t underestimate the impact of a well-rounded host agency. They just might be the secret to taking your business to the next level!

Do I have access to suppliers and industry relationships?

As luxury travel advisors, we know that access to suppliers and networking opportunities is key to providing excellent service to our clients. That’s why at Trips & Ships Luxury Travel, we offer unparalleled access to our Preferred Suppliers through our established relationships with their Business Development Managers. Not only that, but we also provide opportunities for our agents to meet supplier representatives in person at our exclusive events, Seminars at Sea, and FAM trips. With our resources and connections, our agents are equipped to handle any booking issues and ensure smooth travel experiences for their clients.


State of the art commission tracking

Experience worry-free commission tracking with a reliable host agency that uses cutting-edge tools like SION Central. Trips & Ships Luxury Travel agents can easily keep tabs on their hard-earned commission and generate insightful reports. As an independent contractor, file taxes with confidence knowing that your trusty host agency provides tax tips and guidance. Say goodbye to financial headaches and focus on growing your business with ease.

Are Your Commission Competitive?

As a travel advisor, you deserve to be rewarded for your hard work and dedication. That’s why joining a host travel agency can be a game-changer. With Trips & Ships Luxury Travel industry expertise and purchasing power, our host agency is able to secure higher commission rates for our LUXE advisors.


And here’s an added bonus: suppliers often offer exclusive incentives and FAM trips  just for agents affiliated with OUR host agency. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your earnings and reap the benefits of a profitable host agency partnership.

Do I Work Alone? The Company You Keep!

As a travel advisor, finding the perfect host agency is crucial for your success. With our support team, you’ll never feel like you’re tackling challenges alone. We value personal connections, and our phone, email, and Facebook channels are always open for you. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we treat our agents like family and are always here to answer questions and provide guidance. Together, we can achieve business growth and success.

You are a part of a successful team of advisors that gives added support to your business model.

Can I really make money as a travel advisor?

When it comes to the earnings of travel agents, several elements come into play. From the caliber of clientele to the depth of skill and proficiency, as well as the potential of providing exceptional customized services, all these factors can highly affect their financial success. So, the question of “How much do travel agents make?” requires a multifaceted answer that is tailored to each unique circumstance.

At Trips & Ships Luxury Travel we are helping LUXE advisors scale and grown their business to make six figures annually.

We leave the mass market stuff to the big agencies and focus on the intimate premium and luxury space.

What is Internova and How is Trips & Ships Luxury Travel involved with them?

Proud Lineage, Strong Future

Established in 2008, Internova Travel Group delivers a high-touch, personal level of travel expertise to leisure, luxury and corporate clients through our more than 6,000 company-owned, franchised and affiliated travel agencies throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and a presence in more than 80 countries.

Today, Internova Travel Group represents more than 100,000 travel advisors worldwide and ranks as one of the industry’s largest travel services companies. Headquartered in New York City and active around the globe, our extensive network can assist travelers all around the world. Our team of leaders—from our expert travel advisors to our executives—are dedicated to delivering the best travel experiences.

Today, Internova Travel Group represents more than 100,000 travel advisors worldwide and ranks as one of the industry’s largest travel services companies. Headquartered in New York City and active around the globe, our extensive network can assist travelers all around the world. Our team of leaders—from our expert travel advisors to our executives—are dedicated to delivering the best travel experiences.

In January 2008, Travel Acquisitions Group (TAG), led by Michael Batt, is created through a management-led buyout of Carlson Leisure Group from Minneapolis-based Carlson Companies. In March of that year, TAG acquires TraveLeaders, which is later renamed Travel Leaders Franchise Group. In August, TAG merges with luxury travel agency company Tzell Travel Group. Tzell’s Barry Liben becomes first CEO.

TAG announces the creation of Travel Leaders Corporate, a new business travel division, in February 2009. That May, TAG officially changes its name to Travel Leaders Group. Later in August, Travel Leaders Group acquires Nexion, a leading North American host agency for home-based travel agents, from Sabre Holdings. Travel Leaders Group announces acquisition of—North America’s largest vacation and cruise selling network—from Amadeus Americas, Inc. in December 2009.

In October of 2012, Travel Leaders Group launches Agent Profiler to connect travelers to ideal travel advisors via Protravel International becomes part of Travel Leaders Group in November 2012. The following year, Travel Leaders Group unveils new luxury hotel program, SELECT Hotels & Resorts, in May of 2013.

Ninan Chacko, CTC, becomes CEO of Travel Leaders Group in 2016. That August, Travel Leaders Network is formed through the combination of, Results! Travel and Travel Leaders Franchise Group.

In January 2017, TL Network officially launches in Canada and Travel Leaders Group acquires Andrew Harper Travel, a boutique luxury travel agency brand. Travel Leaders Group also acquires Colletts Travel Limited, a luxury travel agency brand based in the United Kingdom. In May 2017, Travel Leaders Group acquires Corporate Travel Services of Mexico and launches game-changing website and influential travel brand Vacation. Travel Leaders Group merges with industry powerhouse ALTOUR in July and adds Travel Management Partners to its corporate portfolio in September 2017.

Travel Leaders Group declares 2018 “The Year of the Travel Agent” and acquires Barrhead Travel Group, one of the largest retail travel companies in the United Kingdom that February. Innovative business travel hub launches in August. By the end of the year, the new corporate headquarters open at 1633 Broadway and serves as the headquarters of Travel Leaders Group, Travel Leaders Corporate, Protravel International and Tzell Travel Group.

In January 2019, Travel Leaders Group acquires YES (Your Event Solutions).

In January 2020, J.D. O’Hara becomes CEO of Travel Leaders Group. In May 2020, Travel Leaders Group rebrands as Internova Travel Group.

Internova Travel Group continues its rise in the travel industry, acquiring new brands, attracting new advisors and partners, creating new, innovative programs—all to empower the world to travel.

Where do we get leads?

Are you a new travel agent struggling to find your first clients? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! While we can’t hand you customers on a silver platter, we offer an extensive education program filled with marketing resources to teach you how to effectively connect with potential clients. We provide valuable tips and tricks on building a clientele without breaking the bank.

We train you to use our award winning agent profiler lead generation program.

Travel Leaders Network’s industry-leading lead generation tool, Agent Profiler, is unveiling new options that travel advisors can use to attract new clients and manage their business.

Agent Profiler, housed on the consumer-facing, gives TLN advisors an opportunity for travelers to find them based on their niche, destination expertise or location. It matches these qualified travelers to expert travel advisors in real time. Agent Profiler is powered by agent-generated content with each advisor completing an online profile of their unique expertise and experience.

Many of our most successful advisors have tapped into agent profile for a bulk of their lead base.

While getting started-

Start small by tapping into your personal network of friends and family, then extend your reach to members of your community, clubs, and organizations. With our expert guidance, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful travel business.

Why do I have to pay an annual fee?

When it comes to starting and running your own travel agency, the saying “you get what you pay for” truly applies. At Your Trips & Ships Luxury Travel, our yearly membership fee covers all the education, tools, credentials, and technology that you need to succeed. We’re not just talking about outdated resources either.

We’re committed to providing our advisors with the latest and greatest technology and agent support resources to ensure that you can keep up with the competition and ultimately be profitable. Yes, it may require an initial investment of time and money, but trust us, it’s worth it. Your membership fee allows us to continue building and enhancing everything we offer to our LUXE travel advisors.

Let us help you make your travel dreams a reality.

Why would people use me as an advisor instead of just going direct to the internet

If you’ve ever thought about booking a vacation online, you’ve probably been overwhelmed with the endless lists of options and prices. Who has the time to sort through all that? That’s where remote-based travel agents come in. They live and breathe travel, and their sole purpose is to make your vacation dreams a reality. Unlike those impersonal travel websites, home-based agents will give you the personal touch you need to make your trip unforgettable. Whether it’s a luxurious cruise or a custom vacation package, these agents are experts in connecting you with the best experiences.

Your Start Up Costs Seem High

Sure you may have concerns about the cost of joining our travel agency, but let me assure you that our prices reflect the premium services we offer. We value quality over quantity and invest in the most up-to-date technologies and strategies to provide our clients with exceptional results. Our team of experts puts in the extra effort to deliver tailored solutions that cater to your specific needs, and we do not compromise on the level of work that is required to achieve optimal outcomes. Our prices are on the higher side, but that helps us weed out tire-kicker agents and hobby seekers who are looking for free travel only. We promise that the return on investment will be well worth it.

Do you offer a Customer Relationship Management system?

The short answer is no we don’t.  We found out that so many of our advisors maintain their customers in different fashions.

Many of our advisors like the following CRMs.

Travel Joy




Because we have the best commission tracking in the system you are free to store your client data however you prefer as long as it is compliant.

Can I travel for free?

Attention travel enthusiasts, imagine having access to exclusive travel information and deeply discounted rates on your dream destinations. As a travel advisor with Trips & Ships Luxury Travel, you can make that dream a reality.

With flexibility on dates and destinations, you can unlock a world of affordable travel options and participate in FAM trips that provide outstanding networking opportunities. Our agency even offers CLIA and IATAN identification cards to qualified advisors to receive discounts and participate in select FAM outings.

Remember, while discounts are a fantastic perk, opting into our program solely for these benefits is not permitted. Join our team today and embark on an unforgettable journey with Trips & Ships Luxury Travel.  We are looking for advisors who want to grow a book of luxury travel clients and as an advisor have a long term relationship with our agency.

How long will it take to make money?

For full-time hosted advisors, experience is the name of the game when it comes to hitting their greatest potential for income.

It typically takes about three years for travel advisors to establish themselves in the industry, build strong relationships with clients, and develop the skills needed to excel.

However, after that initial period, the growth in income doesn’t just stop – rather, it continues at a steady and rewarding pace as advisors gain even more experience.

But it’s not just about time – as with any profession, investing effort is key to success. T

he more hours a full-time advisor puts into their business, the more they stand to earn. So for those looking to make a serious income in the travel industry, know that it’s equal parts skill-building and dedication that will get you there.

Are you a multi level company?

Absolutely not!  We appreciate your inquiry, but our business model operates on a different level. We prefer to focus on providing exceptional products and services directly to our customers rather than using a multi level marketing approach. Our goal is to establish strong connections with our customers and build trust through our quality offerings. Thank you for considering us as a potential partner in your travel business endeavors.

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