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Our Luxury Host Agency Wedding & Romance Alliance


If you’re a Travel Advisor that individually sells Honeymoon & Destination Weddings, we invite you to our luxury host agency in order to share details of your expertise in an online application.


Honeymoon & Destination Weddings Community Benefits

  • Exclusive opportunities for networking, relationship building, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration with like-minded advisor peers
  • Invitation-only access to a private Facebook group
  • Exclusive HMDW Fireside Chats with industry partners
  • Invitation to annual HMDW Summit
  • Quarterly newsletter focused on HMDW trends
  • Annual recognition for sales success
  • Preference for media connections by Travel Leaders Network
  • Priority on honeymoon & destination wedding travel supplier educational trips
  • Dedicated community events


Honeymoon & Destination Weddings Community Requirements

  • Achieve Top 1% annual honeymoon & destination wedding sales in calendar year
  • Live honeymoon & destination wedding Agent Profile on
  • Contribution to community intelligence: fams reports, event reviews, mentorship
Joining the community of honeymoon & destination wedding sellers sounds interesting – what’s the process?
  1. An advisor must be given approval to apply by his/her agency owner or manager with administrative access to Agent Profiler.
  2. Once access has been granted to advisor (through Agent Profiler), the advisor will have access to the application form.
  3. Travel Leaders will review all applications. Those applicants who demonstrate adequate HMDW sales volume of HMDW suppliers will be approved and provided enrollment instructions and program access. Applicants who do not currently sell enough to qualify will be advised of such.
Is there a cost to participate in the Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Leaders Alliance?
There is no cost to Travel Leaders Network advisors or agencies to apply or belong to the program. There may be costs associated with attendance at live meetings and events, but that is separate and discretionary.
Can anyone apply and participate in the Alliance?
Anyone who is personally selling honeymoon & destination wedding travel (owner, advisor or Independent Contractor) and associated with a Travel Leaders Network member office in good standing is eligible to participate. The Alliance program has been developed by, and is strictly proprietary to Travel Leaders Network.
How do I know if I sell enough to be a part of the Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Leaders Alliance? 
We encourage everyone to apply. Our goal is to create a community of true honeymoon & destination wedding sales leaders but we’re also here to guide those that aspire to be those leaders and will suggest programs and pathways to greater sales.

Do I need an HMDW Profile separate from my standard profile?

No, but if you are not enrolled in Agent Profiler Plus, you should be highlighting your HMDW expertise in your main bio.

Why is access to the Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Leaders Alliance community so restrictive?

The value and attraction to members of all the Leaders Alliance communities is meeting and networking with other members that truly share a similar sales focus and high experience level. This authentic, like-minded environment has huge value in addressing challenges and opportunities commonly faced at that high level.
I sell a lot of different suppliers – which do you consider “Honeymoon & Destination Wedding” for the purposes of this program?

This will certainly be a subject of community discussion; the definition can be subjective and therefore vary from an advisor and traveler point of view.

Travel Leaders Network works with many resort, tour and cruise companies widely regarded as leaders in the honeymoon & destination wedding space, including all of our SELECT hotels and In-Country Partners. If you work with companies you consider to be honeymoon & destination wedding providers that are outside of Travel Leaders Network’s Preferred Suppliers or SELECT list, just let us know that too and we’ll review.

I have other questions about the program and enrollment, where and when can I get answers? 

Contact: ​​

Meanwhile, the Leaders Alliance section of Agent Universe and this FAQ will be continually updated.

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